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Three Foods to Protect Heart in summer

In hot summer, people are easy to sweat a lot, contract blood with viscosity going up; meanwhile, people always cannot sleep well or have enough rest and exercise in summer; the blood circulation will be slower and so we cannot ignore the risk of having thrombus. If you have bad appetite in the usual, absorbing less antioxidants and having less exercise are bad to health. You are suggested to have three kinds of food to protect your heart: fresh bean, nut and green leaf vegetable.
Fresh bean includes tender green soy bean, pea, and pod and so on which have the nutrition of both soybean and vegetable. They are rich in vegetable protein and potassium, magnesium and vitamin B and dietary fiber. They also contain health care ingredients like saponins, phytic acid, oligose and so on which are good to lower pressure. Having them cooked or steamed often can replace half a bowl of rice. It is a good measure to improve your nutrition and would not hinder digestion.
Jordan almond is famous for its rich dietary fiber, magnesium and vitamin B2; walnut is famous for its rich vitamin E; pistachio is famous for its rich vitamin B6; peanut is rich in fiber and vegetable protein. Above matches all can protect heart better.
The absorption of vegetable and fruit has negative correlation with CVD. The playing factors include dietary fiber, magnesium, folic acid and various antioxidants. Among all the vegetables, dark green leaf vegetable has the most magnesium, calcium, folic acid and antioxidants. It also has rich dietary fiber which is better to hearth health. Have over 400 grams of vegetable can assure protecting the heart. Dark green and orange vegetables are the most helpful.
You are suggested to have a scratch of nut fruit (about half liang), have fresh bean often (one to two liang every time), and have dark green leaf vegetable every day for half a kilogram.
What you should pay attention to is that avoid using too high temperature when cooking. The nut cannot be fried, do not bake too long only remove the osmophore. When cooking the vegetable, add less salt and so can give play to their benefits.

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