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Three Methods to Keep Your Teeth

There will be many tooth problems when you getting old. Therefore, you should keep the tooth health through some tips.
Brush you teeth with your cheek bulging. Do once or twice cheek-bulging action everyday and move your tongue inside your mouth from left to right. This can help the secretion of salvia and let your tooth face, tooth slit and mouth mucosa be washed and stimulated to some degree. This can make your mouth clean and protect your tooth health.
Massage your gum. Massage your gum with clean thumb and index along some direction. Every time you should do ten minutes and this movement can promote the blood circulation of gum, dental alveoli, and dental pulp as well as prevent your dental pad from withering too early.
Knock your tooth and swallow the salvia. The so-called knocking your teeth is to collide your upper teeth with lower teeth to stimulate the periodontal tissue, improve partial blood circulation and strengthen the resistant ability.

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