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12 Chinese Herbal Medicines Benefit You A Lot

Therapeutic actions: best produced in the Ningxia, Yinchuan, Zhongwei .Functions of wolfberries: recharging the Qi inside the body, complementing the blood, rising the Yin and Yang , calming the mood, benefiting the eyes, liver and kidney,suppressing the heat and removing the rheumatism. Its main helps with the kidney, liver and eyes and calm the nerves. For the elderly, wolfberries can moisturize the bowels and help in purging the body.
Usage: soak in the water, make soup or eat more than a dozen grains every day.
Eucommia ulmoides
Therapeutic actions: eucommia bark is mainly found in Sichuan. The functions are tonifying the kidney and liver, strengthening the bones and muscles and calming the fetus. Men and women, old and young can all take them. They have very good effects especially for people with lumbar debility.
Usage: soak in the water or alcohol or stew with meat
Therapeutic actions: Dangshen can supplement the center, boost the energy, Nourish the blood and tranquilize the nerves. People with weak spleen and stomach will receive very good effects if taking Dangshen. The ancients has good summary of Dangshen :It tonifies the spleen, lung, stomach without making the body too dry and hot or too cold. It is nourishing and good for the blood.
Usage: cut the Dangshen into small sections and make soup with them. Stewed mutton can also go with Dangshen. Dangshen can be soaked in a bottle of spirits.

Therapeutic actions: chrysanthemum has many varieties, such as Daisy, HangJu, huang ju, BaiJu, QiJu etc. This refers to GongJu, which implies that in the past it was used to dedicate to the emperor. It is found in She county, Anhui, GongJu has the effects of improving the eyesight, clearing the heat and dispelling the wind. The headache caused by cold can be relieved by having Chrysanthemum tea.
Usage: make tea.
American ginseng
Therapeutic actions: American ginseng is mainly found in America's oasis vein, Canada and France. Different from other sengs , it has both the function of tonifying qi and nourishing yin. One won't suffer from excessive internal heat after taking it. Two to three pieces of American ginseng a day is especially beneficial for the middle-aged people.
Usage: soak in the water, stew with meat or eat directly.
Therapeutic actions: Chinese yam is mainly found in henan province. It can be divided into two kinds: wool yam and smooth yam. It tonifies the spleen and kidney.
Usage: put it in the pot and steam, or cut into pieces for soup.

Velvet antler
Therapeutic actions: Velvet antler is categorized into spotted deer antler and red deer antler, found in Huangyang county, Jilin. It warms the kidney, enriches the Yang and blood and calms the fetus. It can deal with symptoms such as cold limbs, dizziness, lumbar debility etc. It is very effective to treat insufficiency of Yang in the kidney.
Usage: soak in the water or spirits, stew with meat or eat directly
Winter Chinese caterpillar fungus
Therapeutic actionS: winter Chinese caterpillar fungus belongs to bacteria family.It is mainly produced in 46 counties in Yunnan, Gansu,Sichuan, Qinghai and Tibet. It tonifies the lung and kidney and is expectorant and hemostatic. It deals with the body viscera function disorders of the elderly caused by Tracheitis, qi deficiency of the lung and kidney It also has the function of reducing blood fat.
Usage: soak in the water or spirits until it gets plain
?Astragalus root
Therapeutic actions: It is a kind of ancient Chinese medicine produced in Inner Mongolia and Shanxi. The main functions of astragalus root are enriching the Qi, consolidating superficial resistance, stopping excessive perspiration, expelling toxics and pus, inducing diuresis for removing edema. It can also stimulate spleen and stomach to work up a an appetite.
Usage: soak in the water or spirits
Sanqi (panax notoginseng)
Therapeutic actions: For three to seven years there is only one harvest of this medicine, so we call it sanqi (panax notoginseng). Its appearance is like pork meat patties. It mainly produced in Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan. A small amount of Sanqi (panax notoginseng) can enrich the blood.
Usage: mashing it and stew with chicken or other meat can treat the headache and lumbar debility of the elderly.
Gastrodia elata
Therapeutic actions: It is mainly produced in Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan. Its functions are calming the nerves, scattering the coldness and kill the pain. If one gets cold and has a headache or numb limes, rhizoma gastrodiae can stop the symptoms, so it is also called constant wind grass. Its treatment effect is very fast and can stop the pain fast like an arrow, so it is also known as "red arrow".
Usage: soak in the water or spirits, stew with meat
Therapeutic actions: It is mainly produced in Min county Gansu and Qinling, Shanxi. It is divided into angelica head, tail or body. The "head" has hemostatic effects. The "tail" nourishes the blood and the "body" activates the blood circulation. The headache caused by blood can be relieved by taking angelica head; Weakness of the body can be improved by the angelica body; Pain in Bones and muscles and numbness in hands and feet can be relieved by angelica tail.
Usage: soak in the water or spirits, stew with meat

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