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3 quick ways to get rid of "butterfly arms"

Autumn begins and we can clearly feel the temperature drop. The noon will no longer seems to be hot in summer. This makes the author very happy because the author belongs to the fat kind and can't stand that sticky feeling in summer. But there are also some new troubles. The cold weather will reduce people’s desire of moving which will make the body extra fat. So let’s grab this good time to do more exercises. "butterfly arms" are such a headache for many of the girls. Now let’s see if there are some quick and good ways to get rid of them.
  1, During the leisure time when you are watching television or surfing the internet, you can do some moves to thin your arms. Keep your bosom upright , withdraw the abdomen, cross the fingers of two hands, raise the elbow, parallel the two forearm with the ground, feel the mutual inward force, keep this action for five seconds. If you want to increase the effect, stay more that 10 seconds.
  2, hold tight a bottle which is filled with water, raise the arm from the front and then to the back straight (pay attention not to adhere to the ears), and then slowly go down. Repeat the movements until the arms have acid bilges feeling.
3, stretch the left arm straight up and then try to touch the right shoulder and then stretch the right arm straight up and then try to touch the left shoulder. If you feel the arms are very acid, it means you are doing it the right way and the fat is burning.
Keep on doing exercises. Soon you will have perfect arms and get out of the worries of "butterfly arms".

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