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7 habits damage the brain

1.hooded sleeping
With the increase of carbon dioxide in the quilt, the oxygen concentration decreases. Inhale of damp air for long will do great harm to the brain.
2. long-term smoking
German medical researchers show that different degrees of atrophies of the brain and senile dementia will occur if you are a perennial smoker. Long-term smoking can cause cerebral arteriosclerosis, causing cerebral hematic inadequacy, nerve cells diseases and contraction of the brain.

There is a leaf area in the brain which controls one’s language. Frequent conversations will promote the growth of brain and exercise the brain. One should say some sourceful, philosophical or logical words. A silent and unsmiling man is not necessarily smart.

4. Long-term repletion
The modern nutriology studies found that after eating too much, the "growth factors of fiber bud cells" will significantly increase. Long-term repletion will inevitably lead to cerebral arteriosclerosis, premature senility of the brain and intellectual impairment. People in dealing with the amount of food, "eat to eat satisfied" It is people’s eating requirements to be full, but immoderate diet will cause extra burden to the person's stomach, intestines and digesting system and other visceral organs.

5. Neglecting breakfast
Skipping breakfast makes the person's blood sugar low. The nutrition the brain needs is not supplied sufficiently. If this lasts for long, damages will be caused to the brain. In addition, breakfast quality goes hand in hand with intellectual development. According to the research, Children who have had high protein in breakfast has long best thinking than those who have had only vegetables. Excessive sweets will lower the children’s IQ.

6. lack of sleep
Sleep is the most common way to kill fatigue. The long-term lack of sleep or poor quality of sleep will accelerate the recession of brain cells.
7. air
The brain has the largest oxygen consumption in the body. It consumes 500-600 liters of oxygen per minute. Only with enough oxygen supply can we improve the working efficiency of the brain. When the brain is working, we need to pay attention to the air quality in the workplace.

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