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Bathing in 6 Conditions May Kill Your Life

1.low blood pressure
Wrong: Each time when Wang takes a shower he will feel giddy in the head and tight in the chest and can’t take the breath. Only when he goes to a cool place can he restore himself. It is low blood pressure to blame!
Correct :The water temperature is high when bathing. The high temperature makes the blood vessels expand. People with low blood pressure tend to have hematic inadequacy in the head and collapse.
2.after drinking
Wrong: Going home with a smelly body after drinking will trouble the wife and children , better take a shower first.
Correct: Alcohol can inhibit the liver’s functioning activities and block the release of glycogen. The glucose consumption will increase while bathing. If one takes a bath after drinking and the blood sugar is not timely supplemented, one will prone to symptoms such as dizziness, vertigo, general weakness etc. Hypoglycemic coma can also happen if the case is serious.

3.when having a fever
  Wrong::One will feel light-headed while having a fever and miss the fresh feeling after a shower.
Correct: when the body's temperature rise to 38 ℃, the body's heat consumption can be increased by 20%. The body will be weak and accidents will happen.
TIPS: Although we had countless showers, this does not mean that we are the shower master. Let’s have a test to see whether you wash in the right way or not. Check out the 10 big mistakes while taking a shower.
4.when you are hungry or full
Wrong: Mei takes a shower immediately after meal in order to save time. Most recently she has come discomforts in her intestines and stomach. Is this relevant to bath?
Correct: The blood vessels in the skin will be stimulated by hot water and start to expand if taking a bath right after the meal. More blood flows to the body surface,the abdominal blood supply will relatively reduce and this will affect digestion. If bathing when one is hungry, one will have hypoglycemia, or even collapse and faint.
5. after labor
Wrong: One will sweat heavily after exercises and feel sticky all over and is desperate for a shower.
Correct: One should rest for a while before taking a bath after mental labor or physical labor. Otherwise it is easy to cause insufficient blood supply in the heart and brain, and even syncope will occur.
TIPS: Women love to take a shower, but they necessarily know how to wash. Research shows that the face, neck, oxter, nipple, perineum and groin are the the most vulnerable parts in female body. They are also easy to "accumulate" dirty things. Expert advises that women should know the cleaning methods of these specific parts.
6. poor physical building
Wrong: I hear that cold shower can strengthen the body, I also want to have a try. But I catch a cold after trying it for once.
Correct: For those women with poor physical buildings, cold shower is not good. The body with poor resistance to diseases will be stimulated and catch cold or fever. It is okay to wash one’s face with cold water in a long term which helps promote blood circulation and prevent cold, rhinitis and make the skin more luster and elastic.
TIPS: Bathing water of different temperature has different effects. If the temperature is proper, it’ll alleviate fatigue and strengthen the body. If not, many diseases may occur.

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