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Changing Seven Habits Can Be Away From Headache

Headache is one of the most common clinical symptoms. It is the subject feeling of human being caused by all kinds of pain factors and is within the aching range. Factors that cause pain can be physical, chemical, biochemical or mechanical. These factors stimulate sensory nerve ending in intracranial external organization and transmit the sensation to brain through corresponding conduction path.
If it is tension headache or migraine, you should notice the factors, such as light, insomnia, irregular rest and so on. In addition, you also should adjust living style.
1.pay attention to dieting
If you find any food that may cause your headache, you should immediately stop eating it. Chocolate, vinegar, frozen meat and many other foods all contain tyramine and nitrate and these chemical substances may cause sensitive people headache. Therefore, if you have headache, you should pay attention to the food you have eaten. You also should pay attention to dining regularly; missing meal can induce some people’s headache. The intervals between staple food and small meal should not exceed five hours and between every two meals, the blood sugar of someone would decline and so cause blood vessel expansion.
2.keep having normal water and have less alcohol and coffee
The body of one person needs at least ten glasses of water everyday to make its body perform best. Dehydration is a common reason for headache. Drinking alcohol may cause dehydration; red wine and brandy just like cheese and chocolate contain tyramine that may cause headache; long-term alcoholism will cause the ethanol in body high and so inhibit the nervous centralis and then lactic acid increases, the acetone body accumulates causing metabolic acid poisoning and so leads to headache. Pay attention to the amount of coffee and tea you drink; too much or too little caffeine will cause headache.
3.matters need attention during exercise
Keep exercise will make us happy and away from disease. It also is very good to remove headache. Although the doctors suggest insisting on exercise which is helpful to keep health, exercise may also cause headache. Therefore, it is very important to control the amount.
4.keep a good sleeping habit
Normal sleeping habit being disturbed will also cause headache, and too much sleep also will cause headache. Keep a correct sleeping position is very important. When sleeping, do not sleep with your heads down since this position will make your neck muscle stiff. If your sleep is not good and turn over all the time, you can use a special pillow with a suitable shape which can let your neck your bend naturally and have a reliable support.
5.learn to face pressure
Emotion fluctuation and stressful event may also cause headache. Keep a positive life attitude can prevent headache occurrence.
6.chin up and chest out
In daily life, you should let your chin up and chest out such as when you are walking and sitting. You should not lower you head and bend your back or else will cause your muscle over stressful.
7.self massage
You can rub your head with your fingertips like washing your head or use stiff bristle brush or wood tooth comb to massage your head in daily life. The specific method is to do circular motion slowly along temples and forehead and the back side of head. No matter what kind of method you adopt, massage will make you comfortable and relaxing.
Headache is a common disease. According to the ancient Chinese medicine doctor, the head channels is the junction of all yang, all the essence blood of five internal organs and yang qi of the six hollow organs will all come to there. If the six hollow organs be attacked, the internal be damaged by excess of seven emotion, disorders, deposit in brain, blocks of yang all can cause headache. It may feel headache at first and then become head-wind after a long time. The external feelings mostly have been proved and it has to be cured by negotiating wind and removing evil; internal hurt is headache which belongs to deficiency syndrome, you should cure mainly by flat liver, nourish yin, supplement qi and blood, reduce phlegm and remove stasis. But disease caused by phlegm and extravasated blood should be cured respectively since it has real evidence in deficiency.
According to traditional Chinese medicine, head is the junction of all channels and is the place where brain locates. All the essence of five internal organs and six hollow organs all come to there. Factors like cold, dampness, phlegm, fire and deficiency all can block qi and blood flowing and then cause pain. On the basis of this, Buchang Pharmaceutial studied hard about it and developed Buchang Headache Capsule. It is composed by many kinds of Chinese medicines such as gastrodia elata, rhizome smilacis glabrae, radix polygonum multiflorum perparata, hurricane lamp, angelica sinensis, and scorpion and so on. Among them, gastrodia elata can strengthen cells function and various amino acid and trace elements for nourishing nervous ingredients; it also can nourish and protect liver and heart. What’s more, the gastrodia elata can inhibit the 5-HT activity of blood, maintain y-GABA content to resist excitatory hyper-function in central neuron, improve brain cells significantly, and bring effects of remove wind and negotiate channels, reduce phlegm and remove dampness, supplement and active blood, and stop pain after using with other active blood Chinese medicines; it has the effect of treat both principal and secondary aspect of disease with obvious clinical effect without obvious side effects and has been used widely in clinical application.

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