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Drinking cooled may cause kidney stones

In the Hot summer days, you feel thirsty easily. A glass of cool tea will refresh you a lot . Recently, however, researchers say drinking cooled teamay lead to kidney stones. Large amounts of oxalate will form after the tea gets cooled. They can form small stones, block the ureter and increase the risk of kidney stones.
For ordinary people, the digest fluids have buffer action to the formation of stones, so the probability of calcul is much smaller after drinking cooled tea. Tea is rich in oxalic acid, so we must pay special attention to the amount of tea.
1. We had better use 70 ℃ -- 80 ℃ water to make tea, wait till the temperature drops to 60 ℃ then drink it. It must not more than 70 ℃ as it is too hot for the throat, esophagus and stomach and will cause mucosa lesions. In addition, repeated brew or long brew time will cause denaturation of tea polyphenols, vitamin and protein and the harmful organisms will also increase.
2. Somebody will add water into the cooled tea. In this process if tea is not added, the oxalic acid content in tea won’t change, but the nutrients in the tea will dissolve and the fragrance will be lost.
3. Don't drink tea with an empty stomach, otherwise there will be more oxalic acid absorption into the body and the stone formation chance is higher. Calculi patients can drink pure water or lemonade as lemon contains large amounts of sodium citrate which can prevent kidney stones.
4. Do not drink too much tea every day. For a common adult, he can take 6-10 grams of tea daily, brew it for 2-3 times. People who do heavy work, who consume more energy, who eat more greasy food and who take a large quantity of wine and tobacco, especially those expose to the sun and toxic substances can drink a little more every day.

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