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Eight details blood deficiency

1. eyes
Basically see the color and clarity of the eyes. Children have a pair of clear eyes. Bright eyes indicate rich qi and blood. Opaque and yellowing eyes suggest that there is qi and blood deficiency in the liver. The white of the eyes has very close relationship with the lung and colon. if the white is blood-shot, the there is excessive heat in the lung and colon. Eye bags indicate spleen deficiency and dry eyes also indicate qi and blood deficiency. Dull eyes suggest qi and blood exhaustion.
2. ears
Ears are the epitome of the human body. Almost all of the changes may be seen from the ears, with which the kidney has the most close relation. People often say "big ears are a blessing". People with big and thick ears has sufficient qi in the kidney. On the contrary, people with small and thin ears have congenital deficiency. Pale ears indicate cold and shortage in Yang; Red and swollen ears indicate excessive heat in the liver or pall bladder. If there is a clear diagonal line across the earlobe, then there will be insufficiency of qi in the heart. Local tuberous, funicular uplift, pitting sag, and no burnish suggest chronic organic diseases, such as cirrhosis, cancer, etc. Local vascular filling, expansion are common in heart and lung function abnormalities, such as coronary heart disease, asthma, etc.
3, hair
Hair has close ties with liver and kidney. If liver blood is sufficient, , the hair has enough blood supply. Qi in the kidney is the root of the human body. Hair growth, health state are very close to the kidney. Gray hair is the manifestation of liver blood and qi in the kidney fading. But for some teenagers who grow grey hair in very short time, and accompanied by bad temper, is due to too much heat in the liver. If accompanied by lack of sleep, waist knee weakness and tinnitus, then it is due to qi deficiency in the kidney. If much hair falls off and the head gets more and more sparse, you have to caution the blood problem of the whole body. If the hair is greasy, then it is probably because of your spleen and lung. Too much qi in the spleen and too less in the lung will lead to greasy hair. The growth of the hair is connected with the liver blood. If the liver blood is insufficient, the hair grows slowly and is easy to get dry.

4, hands
First of all, the temperature of the hand is a direct manifestation of qi and blood. People with enough Qi and blood always have warm hands. If the palm’s temperature is very high or very cold, then there is a lack of qi and blood. If the finger pulps are flat, then there will be qi and blood deficiency. Thick and strong palms usually tell that qi and blood is abundant, and the physical condition is very healthy. For each person, there will be the "half-moon" except for the pinkies. If there are no "half-moon" on the fingers or they are only shown on the thumbs, then there will be lack of qi and blood.
5, skin
Basically see the burnish, elasticity and wrinkles. Skin has very close ties with lungs. Pink skin with luster and elasticity, no wrinkles, no spot suggests sufficient qi and blood in the lung. Conversely, if the skin is coarse, dull, yellow, pale, with no luster or with spots, it is because of qi and blood insufficiency in the lung.
6, teeth
Teeth are most close with the kidney. Sparse teeth, loose teeth and teeth root exposure problems are mostly due to qi deficiency in the kidney. Gum is closely related to the stomach and intestines. If there is swollen gums problem, it may be caused by stomach heat or gastritis. Loose teeth are because of unsound alveolar bones, and unsound alveolar bones are due to osteoporosis. Gum atrophy suggests blood insufficiency. When you find you tooth gaps getting bigger and are easier and easier to stuck food, you need pay attention to your health condition.
You can find manifestation of qi and blood even in one’s voice. People with powerful voices are with adequate qi in the lung. People with excessive qi in the liver will shout expectedly now and then and who are with insufficient qi can’t hold their breath well.

8, sleep
People who fall asleep fast, sleep deeply, breath evenly and come to a natural waking are with sufficient qi and blood feet. People with Sleep difficulties, skittishness, easy waking, frequent nocturia, deep breathing and snores have weak qi and insufficient blood.
Qi and blood deficiency should be timely conditioned. If there are no typical pathological symptoms,one can first have some chicken soup to enrich the qi, or use dangshen or astragalus membranaceus . Angelica has antianemic effect which is suitable for people with blood deficiency. In addition the diet, one should also relieve the life pressure.

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