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Eight Physical Characteristics of People with Long Life

1.People with big bottom have well-working cerebrovascular system
It is revealed by several researches that people with big bottom are low in bad cholesterol level andhigh in good one so they face a lower risk of of suffering from cerebrovascular hardening. The studies of Oxford University also found that people with big bottom are also less likely to get diabetes.
2.Many moles on the body will not only make your body less pleasant but also have a 10-time higher risk of getting skin cancer. On the other side, the latest studies conducted by the scientists of King’s College of London University reveal that compared with people without moles, those with many moles look 6 to 7 years younger than their actual age and the chances they suffer from heart diseases and diseases of aging such as osteoporosis are small.
3.People with small breasts have upright spine
The researchers in Turkey found out that the bigger the breasts are( especially above D-cup), the more likely people with have upper back pain and curvature of the pine yet it won’t happen to those with small breasts. From the perspective of sex, small breasts are more sensitive than big ones.
4.People with big nose don’t easily catch cold
It is found by The University of Lowa of the US that the bigger the nose is, the volume of the inhalation of dust and other pollutants are small, its ability to resist the harmful bacteria will also be stronger so people with big noses rarely catch cold or flu.

5.People with short toes sprint fast
A 12-year study involving 300 men in Denmark has indicated that if a person’s thigh circumference is more than 60mm and id with strong leg muscles are less likely to suffer from premature death and heart diseases.

6.People with short toes sprint fast.
The new study of England points out that in order to run faster, human’s toes become shorter in the process of revolution. The long toes involve more leg muscles and bones so with them people run with greater efforts and the damping effect is poor.
7.People with big ears don’t get deaf when they are old
Biochemical expert Dr. Ralph Holm says that the larger the human’s outer ear is, the clearer the sound will be through the ear canal so People with big ears scarcely get deaf because of aging.
8.The latest study of the US found out that people with flatfeet have less injuries and the legs and feet. 20% of those with high foot arch have 6-time higher risk than those with flatfeet.

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