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Have vegetables in various colors regularly

Introduction: What kind of vegetable is both safe and nutritious? Many experts advocate that "have vegetables in various colors regularly and give the priority to the green vegetables; be complete in all varieties and give first place to the leaves".That is to say, if you choose vegetables according to their colors, you should cover seven colors of vegetables --- red, orange, yellow, green, purple, white and black. Besides, you must give the priority to the green vegetables. If you pick up vegetables according to their shapes --- leaf, stem, root, melon and fruit, you should take the vagina vegetable as your first choice. In other words, the green vegetables rank first among all the vegetables.The vegetables with green leaves has a higher nutritional value than those vegetables with other colors. According to the analysis of the nutritional components in different vegetables of various colors, the greener the vegetables, the higher their nutritional value. To rank the nutritional value of vegetables according to their colors: green >red >orange > yellow > white. So do different kinds of vegetables. Refers to the same kinds of vegetables, the darker the color, the richer the nutrition. You had better select the tomato with crimson color while buying the tomato, whose lycopene content is higher than pink tomato. The anti-cancer ability of green leafy vegetables is stronger than other vegetables. Because the greens vegetables are rich in chlorophyll, which has an excellent efficacy of reducing risk of getting the cancer. You may have heard that garlic, onions and other vegetables also have anti-cancer effect. However, their anti-cancer capacity are much worse while comparing with dark green leafy vegetables. The darker the green vegetables, the higher the chlorophyll content, the stronger the anti-cancer ability. In particular, it has a remarkable role in reducing the risk of getting the male colon cancer and the female breast cancer.WHO advocate one should have more vegetables and fruits, especially those green vegetables. Generally, a adult shall have at least 300-500g vegetables every day, in which the content of green vegetables accounts for no less than 200g. As for other vegetables, one should also maintain more than 100g intake every day. You can also have fruta planta , which could make you slim down as well as maintain the balance of different nutrients.The common living habit of those centenarians in the city is that they often eat fresh green leafy vegetables. Therefore, don't be afraid to eat green leafy vegetables with pesticide residue. The scientists around the world believe that: the benefits of having vegetable is far larger than the poisoning risk induced by the pesticide residue, therefore, you should eat more green vegetables for the sake of health.

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