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Improper kidney nourishing methods damage the body

The "kidney" in traditional Chinese medicine is a general concept. First of all, kidney has the functions constituting the basic human body life activities, controls human growth, development and reproduction. Secondly, kidney plays the regulating role of maintaining the body fluid metabolism. Finally, kidney helps with lung respiratory functions, keep the smoothness in while doing deep breathing.

When retardation, energy shortage, physical strength decrease, sexual malfunction and birth disabilities happen, you should consider whether your kidney is getting weak. Life phenomena are very complex. These problems may not be caused by kidney deficiency. If we tonify the kidney blindly, men will receive a lot of harm.
The consequences of indiscriminate tonification to the kidney
1. damaging the balance of Yin and Yang
The kidney medicine either tonifies Yin or Yang Long-term use of it can destroy the balance and cause diseases such as thirsty, upset, smallpox, over-heat, decreased appetite, thick coating on the tongue and constipation etc.
2. misuse of medicine may happen and aggravate illness.
Weak kidney can be divided into Yin deficiency and Yang deficiency. Their clinical manifestation and pathogenesis are different. If there is a Yin deficiency but one has taken Yang deficiency medicine, the condition will be even worse.

3. causing damages to the elderly
Many old people regard the natural aging as "kidney deficiency" and overly tonify the kidney. Most of the kidney medicine will cause thirst, bleeding in the nose, , eye crimson, swelling and pain in the teeth, dry stool, insomnia, upset, irritation, high blood pressure ect. It can even cause stroke and endanger life.

If you are suspicious about a kidney deficiency, make sure to consult a doctor first. In our daily life, we should learn to protect our kidney: having moderate sex life, keeping on doing exercises, assuring enough sleep and massaging the waist and foot frquently.

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