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Simple detoxification methods for each organ

Lung: in all the organs, lung has the poorest ability of self-protection and is the most aggrieved organ. Smoking is the biggest pollution source for lungs. Normally the lung is red, but smokers’ lungs are black!
Cleaning methods: Eat more apples
The United States national institutes of health research shows that people who often eat apples have 33% less of possibility of having cough and phlegm. This is because the pectin and antioxidants of apple skin can reduce lung inflammation.
Go out less often in haze weather. If you want to go out then better wear a face mask and avoid morning hours. Drink more water and don't smoke. If you are often exposed to smoking environment, be sure to drink more water which can quicken the eduction of harmful substances in the body. Data show that eighty percent of lung cancer is caused by tobacco, so it is strongly suggested that we should not smoke.
Hundreds of millions of bacteria are perching in the inteastins, for example, probiotics and pathogenic bacteria. Probiotics are to balance the flora, maintain intestinal health. But irregular diet can reduce the immune ability of the human body and these probiotics would turn to pathogenic bacteria, causing diarrhea, gastric ulcer and other diseases. Frequent belch, abdominal distension and smelly fart are due to the "dirty things" in the stomach.
Cleaning methods:
The most important thing is to keep the intestines unobstructed. For instance, eat more fruit such as apples, bananas. The staple food should not be too fine. Eat more roughage instead. When traveling, constipation happens easily. We can drink a little honey with water. Sitting for long can also lead to constipation, so better exercise every day and keep a good mood.

Stomach: There is a kind of bacterium called helicobacter pylori in the stomach, whose main source is unclean diet. About 50% of the people in the world have this kind of bacterium in their stomach. Most of the stomach cancer, gastritis and gastric ulcers sufferers have helicobacter pylori existing in their stomach. Most people do not have clear symptoms after infection, 10% ~ 15% of the patients will have gastric ulcer.
Cleaning methods:
Don't stay up late, keep a good mood. When you are in great mental stress, fatigue, and a bad mood, the stomach acid secretion will be increased; there will be discomforts like having acid water, heartburn, and nausea. In addition, we should eat less sweet, salty, hot, acid, cold or hot food.

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