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Sleep More and Have Balance Dieting Before College Entrance Examination

Recently, a microblog about Hubei Xiaogan Primary Middle Scholl “the reception class of college entrance examination supplement amino acid through transfusion” attracts and wonders many parents: do this “high-end” method really works? The examination is on the way, and how to make the examinee to be energetic?
It is unnecessary to transfusion examinee
“Inappropriate supplement of nutrition actually is harmful to health.” The nutritionist introduces that amino acid is the basic unit for composing protein and the glutamic acid among it do can vibrate brain, but, it is unnecessary to supplement on purpose. Generally speaking, no matter it is necessary amino acid or unnecessary amino acid, it all can be supplemented through normal dieting.
The nutritionist says that if you have to supplement, there are some certain requirements in clinical for the supplementing of nutrition. If someone is lack of some kind of nutrient, then the first way to supplement it is to acquire from food; if you can not supplement enough from food, then you are suggested to have relevance dietary supplement; if this also does not work, you are suggested to go to gastric tube; if the patient has serious problems with his stomach and cannot digest and absorb, then you have to supplement with transfusion. From above we can see that transfusion to supplement nutrition is the “ultimate” method and does not suit for normal people. It may cause unnecessary harm like infection if dealt with inappropriately.
Dietetic invigoration and have meat, egg and milk before examination
Since “eating” is the best way to supplement, then, for examinees who work their brain everyday, what should they eat and how should they eat? The nutritionists says that since there is only less than one month before the examination, if supplement blindly for child will cause bad effects. The parents only need to guarantee three meals dieting balance if there is no nutrition deficiency.
Of course, the brain needs more energy than other organs. If you want to make your brain fast and flexible, you should have sugar, protein and fat. The sugar here talks about means carbohydrate, i.e. staple food. Only staple food can turn into glucose after getting into human body and provide energy for brain cells. Therefore, you can never reduce the amount of staple food. There are phospholipids and cholesterol in fat; phospholipids contain lecithin and cephalin which both are the necessary food for brain memory function. Cholesterol also is the necessary substance for brain activity and so is necessary for examinee.
In addition, you can let the examinee have more vegetable and fruit. The amount of absorption every day is suggested to be about 1.5 kilogram, i.e. one kilogram of vegetable and half kilogram of fruit.
Sleep more is better than changing recipe
The nutritionist says that the main principle for arranging dieting should not be too different from daily dieting. Changing the recipe of children before examination, and let the children have food that they rarely had usually or never had actually is very risky. If the child has gastro intestinal discomfort or even indigestion after changing dieting content, the disadvantage overweighs advantages. It is sure that the examinee cannot have food in dirty food stand near the street.
Many parents think that the reason for children spiritless is “eating”. In fact, in many conditions, it is because insufficient sleep and so here remind parents should pay attention to rather than give them many good food, you should let them have a good sleep. Therefore, sleep is more important than eating and how to eat. Generally speaking, staying up is not advocated for children, and parents should prepare some foods that are easy to digest at night if their children need to study late after 11 o’clock.

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