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The Magical Effects of Traditional Chinese Medical Foot Bath

1.ginger (Quhan effects,expel the coldness)
In Chinese medicine, ginger is spicy and helps to keep the body warm, it serves as a relieving drug and is with small toxic or side effects. It is believed in modern medicine that ginger can stimulate the capillaries and improve local blood circulation and metabolism. Those who fear the coldness and those with cold hands and feet can have ginger foot bath.
It should be noted that ginger foot bath is not soaking the ginger into the hot water for a while. You around 15-30 grams of ginger (half a ginger in medium sizes), put it into the pot with a small half of water, covering the pot cap and let it be cooked for 10mins.After this, pour out the ginger and add a appropriate amount of cold water till the water temperature gets 40℃(you don’t feel the water is hot).During the foot bath, the ankles should be immersed. It is advisable that you rub your feet while bathing.
Many of the medical ingredients are small molecules; the volatile can be avoided when the pot is covered. Half a ginger can be suitable for a family and the volume is half pot of water. If the water is too much, or the symptom of fearing the coldness is very obvious, you can add some more ginger. After some time’s ginger foot bath, the symptom of fearing the coldness can be improved.
2.cinnamon ( reduce swelling)
  Cinnamon, also known as rougui, guangui, xianggui, is a commonly used spice in the family as pepper. Both of them are helpful for warming the kidney. If they are used in foot bath, the swellings caused by kidney diseases can be alleviated.
Nephrogenic edema is the swelling due to kidney malfunctioning and kidney diseases. It first happens to the loose parts of the body such as the eyelids, face, feet and ankles which will be most evident in the morning. If you use your finger to press the swelling area, dents can be seen in the skin. If one has Nephrogenic edema, one can cook 15 grams of pepper and 15 grams of cinnamon(a handful or a small piece) and use them for foot bath,. The cooking method is the same as that of the ginger. Continuous application of this method can play a certain role in swelling reduction.
If the swelling first appears in the sagging parts(such as legs) and the spreads to the other parts of the body, the it is probable that it is the cardiogenic edema caused by heart malfunction.
3.wormwood(warm the lung)
  According to the “ Compendium of Materia Medica”, wormwood is warm, bitter, non-toxic. It helps to enhance the Yang in the body, rationalize the blood, expel the wet coldness and has hemostasis and tocolysis effects, which is the reason why it is commonly used in acupuncture and is regarded as the Medical Grass.
 Foot bath with wormwood is similar to that with the ginger, usually we take 30 to 50 grams( a small handful) dried wormwood ,cook it with water and then use it for foot bath. The cooking method is the same with the aforementioned one.
Patients with heavy cold dampness can use wormwood for foot bath once a week. They can also have a glass of ginger and red date drink which having a wormwood foot bath.( 10 dried red dates and two pieces of ginger, add ten bowls of water, cook for two hours)as assistance.
It should be noted that more water, less cold food should be had and enough rest should be taken during the wormwood foot bath period. The discomforts in the head, face and throat caused by the heat and chronic bronchitis can be alleviated to a certain degree.
  People with fever, low blood pressure and diabetes should have wormwood foot bath under the doctor’s guidance. It should not be too often using the wormwood, 2 to 3 times will suffice because wormwood foot bath suppresses the heat in the body, which will lead to the insufficiency of blood supply in the head and face, cause dizziness, headache and also emotional fluctuations.
Safflower is a common Chinese herbal medicine in gynecology which promotes the blood circulation, reduces the stasis and has analgesic effects.
Take 10 to 15 grams of safflower( about a small handful) for foot bath using the mentioned cooking methods can prevent and alleviate the frostbite. Some may have skin chaps in the limbs in winter and it takes very long to recover. Safflower bath can prevent this from happening in a certain degree.
  If 30 to 50 grams of dried wormwood and 10 to 15 grams of safflower are used for foot bath at the same time, it can help improve the blood circulation, prevent or alleviate varicose veins and peripheral neuritis.
  If the blood circulation is not good, the limbs tend to be numb and the lower extremity will bruise. In this case, two of the medicals can be used for foot bath. Not only the blood circulation will be enhanced after foot bath, but also the sleep quality will be improved in some degree. Safflower and wormwood foot bath can also more or less be helpful during a cold.
Contraindications of safe foot bath
1.Time length should not be too long,15 to 30 mins will be ideal. When having a foot bath , the blood will flow to the lower limbs, causing the insufficiency of blood in the brain easily. If the patients with cardiovascular or cerebrovascular diseases and the elderly feel chest tightness or dizziness, it is better to stop foot bath and take a rest. The diabetes patients are usually with poor peripheral sensory ability so it is advisable that the others try the water temperature first in order to save them from burns.
2.No foot bath less than a hour after the meal. After the meal, most of the blood in the body flows to the digestive track. If one has a foot bath immediately after the meal, the blood which is supposed to flow to the digestive track will flow to the lower limbs, which will negatively influence the digestion and absorption, causing nutritional deficiencies.
3.Wood basin is preferable for herbal foot bath. The chemical compositions in metal basin such as copper basin are unstable and are easy to have chemical reactions with the tannic acid, generating harmful substances such as iron gall thus reduce the effectiveness of the drug.
4.Children should not have long foot bath. The foot arches should be taken good care since early age since they start to form from childhood. If hot water foot bath are frequently had by the children, the plantar ligament of theirs will become slack, which is harmful to the forming and maintenance of the foot arches and causes flat feet.
5.Do not have foot bath indiscriminately when on the period. Female menstrual problems are very complex. If one has foot bath without knowing the reasons beforehand, the symptoms such as dysmenorrheal will be aggravated instead of being alleviated.

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