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The right time to take various nutrients

Compound vitamin, is better taken after the meal. Vitamin is divided into two kinds, one is fat soluble, such as vitamin A, D, E, K, the other is water soluble, such as vitamin C and B. After meals, fat-soluble vitamin can dissolve in food lipid, which is easier to be absorbed by human body. Generally compound vitamin contains both fat-soluble vitamin and water soluble vitamin, so after meals, they can be better absorbed.
Calcium tablet is better absorbed before bedtime. The best time for taking calcium tablet is in the evening, 2-3 hours before bedtime. In the period of calcium tablet, expose yourself to the sun will promote the absorption of calcium. Yet calcium should e avoided after having spinach, three-colored amaranth, water convolvulus, mustard, leek, bamboo shoots, etc as they contain high oxalic acid should avoid taking calcium, because of oxalic acid and calcium which will produce calcium oxalate and cause urinary stones easily.
  rotein powder should go with meals. The vegetarians and people who want to keep good figure will choose protein powder as a supplement. Taking it during meals can better the absorption. What should be noted is that most people don't need extra protein. Cerebrovascular disease patients sometimes choose fish oil which goes with the meals. There is no consensus yet as to the best time to take it.
Spirulina, should taken before dinner for those who want to control the food intake. Taking spirulina can act as appetite suppressant if taken 30 minutes before the meal. For those with light or normal weight, it is better taken after meal so that upsetting appetite can be avoided.
Avoid repeated use of supplements with the same functions. Lycopene and anthocyanins both have antioxidant effect. In fact, use of one of them can achieve the target, there is no need to use a variety of supplements.

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