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Two Apples Everyday Kicks off Illness

“Have two apples everyday and the illness will be away from you”. This is an old saying in China. There is also a saying in UK “an apple a day, disease away from me”. Apple is delicious and beneficial to human health. It has been quite poplar since ancient times. The ancient people experienced its amazing effects during eating it such as promote salvia, nourish lung, reduce phlegm, promote appetite, resistant to hunger, remove heat and internal heat, and alleviate alcohol.
Apple is basic food and it can neutralize excessive acid substances in human body (including fish, meat, egg and many other metabolic productions in human body) and so enhance human resistance. It is reported that the polyphenol substance in apple can inhibit cancer cells; procyanidine in it can prevent colon cancer; flavonoids substances is high efficient antioxidant which can not only delay vascular sclerosis, but also inhibit cancer cells proliferation.
Pectin and dietary fiber in apple can prevent constipation and promote harmful substances like lead and mercury getting out of intestinal tract. Pectin in the intestinal tract can, on one hand, prevent absorbing cholesterol, on other hand, promote cholesterol metabolism through dissolved acetic acid and so reduce cholesterol content in blood.
According to the researcher, having apple (especially sour apple) can prevent blood sugar from fluctuating suddenly and help adjust human blood sugar level. The boron in apple can increase estrogen density in human body and reduce the loss of calcium. Woman at menopause and the elderly should have more apples which is beneficial to cure osteoporosis.
The British scholars found that people who always have apple will be less possible to have asthma. It is deferred that the flavonol in apple can protect trachea and bronchi. As for lower digestive tract disease, apple can assist curing. As for chronic diarrhea or dry stool, people can have an apple with empty stomach every morning and evening which can improve the situation; non infectious water diarrhea patients can have some cooked apple to stop diarrhea. In addition, there are lots of potassium in apple which can assist curing hypertension and edema.
Tips: apple and Chinese yam soup
Method: prepare 500 grams of apple, 30 grams of Chinese yam, 30 grams of malt, and 10 grams of gorgon fruit; clean the apple and cut it into pieces; clean the Chinese yam, malt and gorgon fruit and then put them together with apple into the pot; add some water and boil with big fire; then cook it with small fire for an hour and halt. Have the soup in warm temperature both in the morning and evening.
Effect: it is beneficial to spleen and stomach, can help digest and stop diarrhea and so on.

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