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5 deadly things after dinner

Drinking tea after dinner = taking poison
"Tea contains tannic acid and theophylline. These two kinds of substances can affect the food digestion." Gastric juice and intestinal juice are indispensable for human in food digestion. When tannic acid goes into gastrointestinal tract, the secretion of them can be inhibited, leading to indigestion. In addition, tannic acid can react with the protein in meat, egg, bean products, dairy products and produce coagulation effect form, forming tannic acid protein concretion which is hard to be digested.
What we should note is that, if the food we eat contains metal elements, such as iron, magnesium, tannic acid, stones can be caused in the body in the long run. Experts say, plain boiled water is the best drink after dinner. Half an hour later we can drink some light tea.

Eating fruits after meal = gastrointestinal discomfort
Eat fruits after meal seems to be a hobby for many people, but this is a kind of wrong habits. Because fruit contains monosaccharides substances which are usually absorbed in the small intestines . The fruits after meal will be stopped in the stomach, affecting digestion. After fermentation of monosaccharides, abdominal distention, diarrhea or excessive gastric acidity and constipation may be induced. Fruits are best taken 2 ~ 3 hours after the meal, . or 1 hour before meal.

Bath, teeth brushing, waist belt loosening = indigestion, gastroptosis
If having a bath after a meal, the blood flow in the body surface will increase, so the gastrointestinal blood flow reduce correspondingly, thus the digestive function will abate and indigestion will be caused. Some people like brushing their teeth immediately after meals, which can damage the loose dental enamel. In addition, loosening the waist belt may make stomach uncomfortable, but it will cause intra-abdominal pressure drop and cause stomach sagging.

Karaoke after dinner = gastrointestinal discomfort
Although a walk after meal is beneficial, we had better don't exercise, because half an hour later, the stomach is heavy because of the food. We had better not go for singing after being full in the stomach, because it can make the diaphragma lower and celiac pressure increases, causing indigestion and triggering gastrointestinal discomfort orother diseases.

Going to bed immediately after a meal = stroke, fat gaining
The stomach is filled with food after meal and digestive function is in motion. Sleep at this time can affect stomach digestion which is adverse to absorption. At the same time, it is easy to cause shortage of brain blood supply and lead to strokes. In addition, while sleeping, the body's metabolism rate is slower, the calories can be easily transferred into fat.

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