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5 notes for health supplements in autumnal equinox

Autumnal equinox is an important solar term for nourishment. According to the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine "We should enrich the Yang in spring and summer and Yin in autumn and winter. Autumnal equinox is time for nourishment, but we don’t take it blindly.
Let’s see what should be noted:
1, if you have no disease, supplements may not be so necessary
If you don’t have any disease, the supplements can increase the expenditure and even hurt your body. Excessive cod-liver oil may cause poisoning, long-term use of glucose can also cause obesity. In addition, the blood cholesterol increases, which is likely to cause cardiovascular disease.
2, don't rely on expensive supplement
Health experts say, some people think that the higher the prices of the drugs, the more it will benefit the body. In fact, excessive tonic may lead to over excitation, agitation, causing high blood pressure and even nose bleeding.
3, knowing the exact weakness before taking nourishment
The principle of traditional Chinese medicine treatment is "strengthening the weakness". People without weakness don’t need tonic. Weakness can be in the Yin, Yang, qi and blood. We should take tonic according to the exact deficiency.
4, supplements should be within certain amount
Experts stressed that any tonic overdose will be harmful, it is suggested that supplements be taken moderately. "Heavy drugs and food" is the right way to go. There is an old saying which goes like: "diet cures more than the doctor". Now that autumn comes, the health supplements should also be changed according to season, especially those who pay great attention to their health
5, eat more bitter or sour fruits and vegetables during autumnal equinox
In dietary habits, we should pay more attention to sesame seed, walnut, glutinous rice, lotus root, water chestnut, sugarcane, autumn pear, orange, hawthorn, apple, grape, lily, tremella, persimmon and honey.

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