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5 points to be noted in autumn

1, avoid indiscriminate nourishing
According to the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, autumn is the time to take nutrition supplements but they can’t be taken indiscriminately. The principle of traditional Chinese medicine treatment is "strengthening the weakness". People without weakness don’t need tonic. Weakness can be in the Yin, Yang, qi and blood. We should take tonic according to the exact deficiency, or the result will go against our expectations. The nourishment should be controlled in moderate amount, it is not advisable to substitute food for medicine. We can have the following food to go with some herbal medicines: fowl, pig lung, turtle meat, bird's nest, tremella, honey, sesame seed, soy bean milk, lotus root, walnut, coix seed, peanut, duck egg, spinach, pear, etc.
2, three tips for autumn exercise
Take exercises in autumn can improve pulmonary qi, enhance lung function and strengthen the immune ability of the tissues and organs and coldness endurance of the body. The temperature changes very swiftly during a day, so we should mind the following 3 points if we want to receive the desired results:
A. be careful not to catch a cold
We should take on or take off the clothes according to the change of the temperature. Do not stay in the cold air with the sweated clothes to avoid catching a cold.
B. avoid injury while exercising
The muscle ligament will cause vasoconstriction if there is a temperature drop in the environment. The muscle extension rate becomes low and the muscle will be hurt easily under this kind of condition. So before doing the exercises, we should warm up a little first.
C. avoid over-exercising
There shouldn’t be too many exercises in autumn as it is the time to conserve the qi in our body. Perspiration will cause the loss of qi, so we should choose to do some light and slow exercises.

3, Moderate "Autumn aspic" is beneficial
The weather gradually gets cool in winter. The anti- coldness exercises under low temperature can improve our coldness endurance and adjust the body to the cooler environment thus prevent many kinds of diseases. But make sure you don’t sweat like a pig after the exercises which will consume the qi in the body.

4, prevent fat gaining
In autumn when the weather turns cool, people will get better appetite and eat more and they tend to eat too much unknowingly. In order to meet the cold winter, the body will actively keep some fat for the cold weather so the calories intake is more than the calories consumed. People who want to keep a good figure should adjust their diet at this time, eat more food with low calories turnip, bamboo shoot,seeweed and mushroom, etc.

5, caution myocardial infarction
In late autumn, the incidence of myocardial infarction increases obviously. Patients with high blood pressure will have 20 millimeter increase of mercury height. So it is easy to cause coronary circulation obstacles. We should increase the intake of food with high protein, magnesium, calcium which can effectively prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. A glass of water in the morning and light tea during the day can be protective toward the heart.

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