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7 Good habits in the morning

1, taking a shower
Taking a shower in the morning after getting up is generally not the habit of most Chinese, it is very helpful to blood circulation and the feeling of being cleaned and fragrance of the shampoo can help refresh you up.

2, morning defecation
If you are not accustomed to this habit, try hard to cultivate it by eating more high fiber food--roughage, such as Chinese cabbage, and sweet potatoes. Go to the toilet every morning whether you feel like taking bowel movements or not. The habits will be gradually formed after some time.

3, taking it slowly when getting up
Sudden rise from bed after waking up makes the blood rushe up, causing sudden changes in blood pressure and dizziness. The good practice is, open your eyes, lie in the bed exercise your limbs and head for 5 minutes and then get up. If you have problem getting up, you can close your eyes and do some extending movements, will be very help to getting sober.

4, drinking a cup of cold water
After one night of sleep, not a drop of water has been intake. People tend to have dehydration. A cup of cold water (not ice water) is a beneficial complement which has cleaning effects on the intestines and stomach.
5, rubbing the face
Don't hurry to get up in the morning. Before this you can rub your face for a while which can increase blood circulation in the face and refresh you a lot.

6, putting a confident posture in front of the mirror
Every morning, take out 10 minutes’ time to dress up yourself, try different colors and matches, and then put a confident posture in front of the mirror to get ready for embracing a new day. Looking into the mirror can increase your confidence and boost your mood. First of all, stand straight in front of the mirror, smile to yourself, to see their positive image. Then, think a few happy things, experience and heart better feeling of dialogu. Next, take a deep breath for three or four times to spread this feeling all over your body.

7, doing some housework
Get up early to do the housework? It sounds a little strange. In fact, those who got up at 7 o 'clock in the morning for exercise, housework or work, usually work more prominent, and lower possibility of depression, psychological pressure and obesity. The early risers are healthier and happier. For those who don’t have time for morning exercises, going to the balcony to water the flowers and sweeping the floor are good choices.

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