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8 ways to prevent cancer

1. Housework to reduce the risk of breast cancer.
Spending six hours in doing housework can help reduce the risk of women's breast cancer by 13%. 2.5 hours' movements can lower the risk of breast cancer by 8%.

2. Drinking less alcohol prevents esophageal cancer.
For men over the age of 45, if they don't drink or drink only a little alcohol, the incidence of esophageal cancer can be reduced by fifty percent. If they eat more vegetables and fruits, it'll be even better.

3. Eat less meat sausage.
Processed meat, such as bacon, sausage, etc, will greatly increase the risk of colorectal cancer, especially for men. We should control the intake of processed meat under 70 grams per week (equivalent to the weight of three pieces of bacon). If you want to eat barbecue, then you had better put on some lemon juice 1 hour before barbecuing.

4. Having less sugar or sweet drinks.
Cancer cells' favorite "food" is sugar. A Japanese study points out that when the blood flow through the tumor, about 57% of the blood sugar will be consumed by cancer cells . They are the nutrients for cancer cells. Two cups of sweet drinks every day, and the risk of getting pancreatic cancer is 90% higher.

5. Using mobile phone as rare as possible.
The radio frequency electromagnetic field is classified as "carcinogenic substance". It is suggested to use headphones as much as possible, avoid long time's contacting of the mobile phone and head.

6. Avoiding unnecessary radiation inspection.
In the past several years, up to 2% of cancer cases IN the United States are due to the radiation caused by CT scan. Radiation accumulated over a long period of time will bring greater harm to people's health.

7. Lemon tea prevents skin cancer.
Adding the citrus fruit peels when brewing can reduce 70% of incidence of skin squamous cell cancer. Lemon contains citric acid which can prevent and eliminate skin pigmentation. What we need to pay attention is that we must use drink it while it is still hot as the cooled one doesn't have as much efficacy of skin cancer prevention as hot one.

8. Having garlic.
The more garlic is eaten, the less the potential carcinogenic substance there is in the body. However, high temperature will destroy the most important anti-cancer substances -- alliin in the garlic. It is suggested to keep the crushed garlic for 15 minutes before cooking it.

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