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Do you know 8 efficacies of saliva ?

1. The anti-cancer effect
Japanese researchers found that saliva can eliminate the superoxide free radical s produced by carcinogens. The disinfection process of saliva is not only in the mouth, but also in the stomach for 30 minutes. Chew every mouthful of food for 30 times can make the saliva and food fully mix. The free radicals get cleaned in the maximum degree, and the anti-cancer effect will be the best.

2. Teeth protecting effect
Saliva contains sodium, potassium, phosphate, calcium, protein, glucose which can maintain and adjust oral PH value. The dissolution and deposition of enamel on tooth surface is a dynamic process, the calcium ion, phosphate ion and fluorine ion in teh saliva can play an important role in protecting the enamel .
3. Digestive function
Saliva can "bind" the food being chewed into a "food group", which facilitates the swallowing process. Saliva contains amylase which can decompose the starch down into maltose, which will not only give you sweet taste, but also put the food in digestive process while it is in the mouth.

4. Anti-aging effect
Saliva contains a kind of "saliva parotid gland hormone" which can keep people young , and smart.

5. Antiphlogistic effect
Saliva contains antibacterial compositions such as lysozyme and secretory type immune protein A which can restrain or destroy hemolytic streptococcus, salmonella typhi, escherichia coli and staphylococcus, etc., thus help prevent inflammation in the gum, oral cavity and throat.

6. Cleaning effect
The average daily saliva secretion per capita can reach 1000-1500 ml. The oral cavity will be stored up with food residue, creating conditions for bacteria breeding. Saliva keeps flowing continuous in the mouth which can timely clean the teeth and keep the mouth clean and healthy.

7. Detection function
Scientists can use saliva samples to examine the drug content in the patients.Saliva has also substituted blood as the sample to inspect AIDS. Scientists have also begun to detect diabetes, heart disease, cancer and other diseases through saliva.

8. Healing
Dutch researchers found that histones in the saliva can significantly shorten the wound healing time. Therefore, mouth can help stop the blood for inside and outside injury or dental bleeding. In cleaning inconvenient case, accidental injury be put on some saliva.

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