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Don't eat till full or starve

The Japanese Islanders, known as the Okinawans, have an average BMI of 21.5, and are known to have excellent fitness and health. The secret to their weight management is the "hara hachi bu" just eating until they are 80% full. It's is far from starving themselves. By following this secret, you can still eat and eat what you like. But, you shouldn't ever eat until you're stuffed or full. Stuffing yourself expands the stomach so it takes more food to satisfy in the future.
As versatile as the stomach is, it adjusts and expands depending on how much we are or aren't eating. If you are always eating until you are stuffed, you stomach expands. When you simply eat to satisfy your hunger without overeating, the stomach adjusts so you don't need as much food, leading to a smaller appetite and weight loss.
You will lose weight if you starve yourself and fast. However, your body quickly adapts. Organs and tissues only work right with a regular supply of glucose. When glucose levels decrease, glucose production in the liver is increased by stress hormones. By starving yourself, you cut off the source of glucose; your body feels the drop and begins storing fat. When your fat stores have been depleted, muscle is broken down and used for energy.
When you do start eating again, your body will start storing anything you eat so that it can function in case you decided to starve again. You'll quickly gain weight and fat. In the immediate short term you will lose weight, but in the long term, you'll only add weight.

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