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Four good habits increase your life span by 20 years

Natural health method
1. Forming the habit of taking a nap, work and rest regularly.
2.Eating the food that si i season, keeping a balanced diet.
  3. In traditional Chinese medicine , there is a saying goes like "looking for long will injury the blood, sitting for long will hurt bone, walking for long will harm the veins, lying for long will be harmful to qi and sitting for long will harm the muscles". Keeping a posture for long will hurt the muscles and bones. Therefore, dynamic rest is advocated. It is advisable to change the posture of the body frequently.
  4. One must keep a good mood if he wants to fight against aging. Although everyone has pressure, but one should have the ability to quickly call away bad mood. We should cultivate some hobbies, pouring out to somebody, thinking in transposition.

Keeping in good health with low temperature
Pay attention to the properness of your diet and room temperature. The purpose is to keep the body in a condition of low temperature, which can reduce the speed of cell metabolism, and achieve the purpose of anti-aging. We should mind the following points in order to keep a low temperature:
1. Don't eat the food with high temperature. Small fire in cooking is preferred.
2. Don't eat food that is too hot and dry .
3. Control the meals, stop eating when you are 70% full.  
4. Cold water is preferred. Complement water every day.

 Exciting the vitality of the brain
Women's aging starts from colons, chest and brain. Around 30 years old, estrogen level in female body will slowly go down and gradually lose the due balance, some aging symptoms will appear. Our brain will start to age and weight will start to decrease. After leaving school, many women don't do thinking as often as they do before. Especially some housewives, repeated monotonous chores has smothered their creative thinking and the brain movement rate is slowing down.

Controlling the diet 
Eating disorders, will make your figure out of shape lead to aging! The damage caused by obesity is way greater than what you imagine. Excessive diet can increase the visceral load, particularly of the heart and stomach. Heart is responsible for transporting fresh blood. Once the function is impaired, any part of the body will face short blood supply. We can become logy, dull. The fat cells can produce a large number of hormones lead to diabetes and protoplasmic which will accelerate cerebrovascular hardening.

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