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Getting slim quickly by having honey

Many will have the concept that having honey will make them fat. On the contrary, accrding to the latest studies conducted by many researchers, having honey can actually be conducive to weight loss. Now let's see how to make ourself slim through taking honey.
Take honey water or honey tea as a substitute for the meals in the morning, noon and evening. You cannot eat other things through this process. During the weight losing period, you can have 150-200g of honey per day. And the minimum amount should be 150 so that you can see the effects. If you feel hungry or tired, drink the honey water directly to give the nourishment to your body and cheer you up.

Implementing days:
For the obese people, three days is ideal. Do this once every month. If you think that you think that you are too fat, the you can do this twice a month regularly. If after some time, you have lost some weight and you don't want the fat to grow back again into your body, then you can try two-day weight losing method. You can do this twice every month. For those who want to clean the bowels and expel the toxins inside the body, do this once a week. For those who practice yoga, replace two of the meals in a day with honey water. Different people may have different physiques, so before taking this method of having honey water, you should better ask advices from your nutritionist or doctor.

The materials to be prepared:
Honey, tea and water. You can choose the kinds of honey water and honey tea according your own likings. The ratio should be 150ml of water with 1 to 2 spoonfuls of honey (around 10-20g). It is suggested to use mineral water and purified water which does not contain the impurities. You should also drink a large amount of plain water during this process.

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