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Nine of Ten Adults in Our Country Have Dental Problems

According to the legal evening news, in our country, every 100 adults, about 88 people suffer from dental caries. This is the information that a reporter got from the regular press conference held by the ministry of health.
According to the survey, five-year-old children's teeth caries rate is 66% in China, which is on the highest level. 12-year-old children with permanent teeth caries occupy 29%.The dental caries prevalence for adults and the elderly are respectively 88.1% and 98.4%. That is to say, 88 out of 100 adults are with caries diseases.
In addition, oral diseases have close connections with the diseases all over the body. Common periodontal disease can cause or aggravate systemic diseases, such as cerebrovascular disease, diabetes, premature birth, dementia, etc. Wang Weizhen of the disease control and prevention bureau of the ministry of health said, the systemic diseases of the other parts of the body such as diabetes, AIDS, hematopathy etc will also be shown in the mouth.

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