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Seven small methods for self health testing

1. Dancing to test vertebral arthritis.
Vertebral surface osteoarthritis is easy to cause back pain. Dance movements can found signs of the disease. First stand up straight, and then try to back down. This action would increase contacts between the bones and cause pain.

2. Eating sweet corn to test gastrointestinal problems.
The yellow skin of sweet corns is difficult to be digested, therefore can ba used to detect the time that food passes the stomach and intestines. The normal time is generally 24 to 48 hours. If it is more than 72 hours , then it's abnormal. The longer the digestion and discharge time is, the more likely it is for a person to suffer from irritable bowel, gastroenteritis, colon cancer and other diseases.

3. A piece of paper to test hyperthyroidism.
Keep the arm unbend, palm down, put a piece of A4 paper on the hand. If the A4 paper has obvious fibrillation, then you may have hyperthyroidism. If it is further confirmed through blood tests, drug control can be used.

4. Knocking the ankle to test hypothyroidism
Ankle tic reaction test can detect hypothyroidism. Lift up one leg on the other, keep the tiptoe tight, use the spoon to strike it suddenly. In common cases, the ankle will have immediate reaction . but if the response or the feet position restoration delay, you might have hypothyroidism.

5. Touching fingers to test the brain.
The coordination ability test can predict multiple sclerosis or stroke . Sit in front of your friend, let the friend move his finger in four directions an arm away, try to touch the finger of your friend and then touch your nose. If you can't catch the finger of your friend, then your cerebellum might be damaged you should caution stroke.

6. Stomping to test heart rate.
Arrhythmia or atrial fibrillation (AF) can lead to 5 times' higher risk of having stroke. Stretching out your hand with palm up, use the finger of the other hand to feel your pulse, stomp the foot along with the pulse for 1 minute. If the rhythm is like an alarm clock, then everything is okay, otherwise you should see a doctor.

7. Use doorcase to test vision
Cover you right eye with the palm, looking at the doorcase or window frame, if they turn out to be vertical and horizontal lines clearly, then your eye condition is good, if not, then there is dot degradation which is worth your extra attention.

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