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Six early symptoms of cancer

Skin change
Most people know that the when the nevus gets bigger, it probably could turn into cancer. In addition, we should also pay attention to the abnormal skin pigmentation, or sudden bleeding or scales on the skin. As for how long these changes will become a problem, it is generally thought to be a few weeks or more.

When you can only drink liquid food or pap, you must pay attention to the digestive tract cancer, such as esophageal cancer.

Changes in oral cavity
Smokers should pay special attentionto the white spots in the mouth or on the tongue . They may be the symptoms of cancer in its early stages which will developed into oral cancer.

Local pain
If the pain is confined to certain part of the body and there are not reasons for it. You should meet the doctor for checks.

Change in lymph node
If there is lymph node enlargement in the armpit, the neck or other parts of the body. You should probably go for a check. Especially those whose lymph node has been continuously increasing for more than one month. It is necessary for them to exclude the possibility of inflammation or cancer. If the reasons can't be found, then biopsy will be needed.

Unprovoked weight loss
Nowadays people like to lose weight, but if there is no increasing of dieting volume or exercises and your weight reduces 5 kg all of a sudden. It may probably because you hyperthyreosis.

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