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Different slimming effects of different fruits

Slimming the waist - strawberry

Strawberry is the best fruit to slim the waist. It is because that strawberry contains a kind of "aspartic acid" which can naturally and gently remove the excess water in the waist, slowly dissolve the accumulation of fat, help discharging the toxins and slim the waist.

Slimming the legs- turnip

Like the camel's hump which is to store food for the body, our legs are the warehouse to reserve energy for a rainy day, so it is prone to accumulate fat. Eat turnip! It contains the spicy ingredients - mustard oil which can promote better metabolism for adipose, avoiding fat accumulation in subcutaneous skin. Any kind of fruit or vegetable cannot match turnip as far as this function is concerned. It is the ideal choice to deal with the fat on the legs.

Slimming the calves - watermelon

Watermelon contains some substance which has toxin discharging effect, educting a lot of salt out side the body, which is especially effective for the calves with oedema. In addition, the potassium content is also high in watermelon. It has the effect of modifying crus lines.

Slimming the back - grapefruit

The dewlap on the back is mostly because that the blood sugar in the body is absorbed and then turns into fat. So, if we want to reduce the fat, we should deal with the sugar intake first. Grapefruit is appropriate asit is not only very low in heat, and is rich in special enzyme which can affect human body's absorption of sugar.

Slimming the abdomen - tomato

Having tomatoes before meals helps reduce belly fat accumulation. If there are too many wastes accumulating in the intestines, it is easy to cause dewlaps on the belly. Tomatoes are rich in fiber which can absorb intestinal redundant adipose, educting the grease and toxins out of body.

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