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Don't skip breakfast while losing weight

Probably you are always told by your mother that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but you wouldn't take it that seriously. It turns out that she is absolutely right as skipping breakfast only encourages you to eat more throughout the day. If we skip the breakfast, our brain will thingk that we are fasting, so it will seek extra calories in order to replace or to be accurate, more than replace those we didn’t eat earlier. Meaning that we start to crave high-calorie foods much more than we would if we’d eaten breakfast. For those who desperately wan to lose weight, this is not the correct way to do it as you might end up remain your normal weight or even gain some weight at the price of your health. Before you practise some ways to get rid of that annoying fat, seek for some professional advices to see if it is feasible. If losing weight blindly just according to your own way of imagination, there may be unwanted results.

The area of the brain which is known to influence the reward value of food and judge how pleasant food is, was most active when looking at pictures of high calorie food in those people who don't eat breakfast, suggesting it plays a key role when it comes to our food choices. Missing breakfast can increase hunger, boost the appeal of high-calorie foods and as such, increase the amount people eat throughout the day as a result. So it is clear that fasting is not a good way to lose weight; all it seems to do instead is to encourage the brain to seek out high-calorie foods. Have poper breakfast and lose weight wisely!

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