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Five taboos of dieting

A, negligence of vitamin intake
Vitamin itself does not produce heat, but it is one of the most important components of maintaining physiological functions, especially the vitamins related to the brain and nerve metabolism. For example, vitamin B1 and vitamin B6. These types of vitamins can be found in brown rice and whole wheat. The staple food should not be too fined.

B. negligence of mineral supply
Minerals play a crucial role in the human body. Lack of minerals will lead to all kinds of diseases. Let's take calcium deficiency as an example, once missing, there will be fatigue, weakness, loss of appetite, apathy, intestines convulsion, intestinal weakness, colon pain, hot and dry, constipation and cervical vertebra diseases.     
C. negligence of amino acids supply
Many of the modern women are white-collar workers, so it is important to supply adequate amino acid to the cranial nerves. The glutamic acid has the highest free amino acid content in brain tissues, followed by taurine, and then taurine. Beans and sesames contain rich glutamic acid and aspartic acid which should be taken more.

D. Too much intake of fat
Generally speaking, women want to control total caloric intake in case of overweight and obesity. But at present a lot of women has more than 30% while the fat intake standard is 20% to 25%. If there is too much fat intake, it is likely to cause the increase of lipid peroxide, reducing your endurance in activities and thus affects the work efficiency.

E. Skipping breakfast
If you don't eat breakfast, for a long time there is no food intake for the body and then all of a sudden , you have a rich lunch. In doing this, you are increasing your possibility of being fat. The breakfast will be consumed by you when you are doing daily activities. If you skip your breakfast, you will have a lot of health problems and besides that, you will not get slim by doing this!

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