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Fives kinds of food keeps you slim

The weather is very cold in winter. In addition to the risk of getting fat, dryness is a problem. So it is necessary for us to have some food that can help eliminate the excessive heat and discharge the toxins outside the body. Here we shall introduce five kinds of food that is suitable for you in winter as far as weight loss is concerned.

A lot of people think that drinking milk will make you fat faster. In fact on the contrary, milk can expel the excessive heat and toxins outside the body. It can effect the function of eliminating the excessive heat through Yin tonification and detoxification. Milk contains as many as 70% water which can complement the water loss due to perspiration.

Kelp tastes salty which is the ideal food for eliminating the phlegm, diminish inflammation, and expel the toxins. After the iodine in kelp being absorbed by human body, it will help discharge harmful substances and pathological substances. At the same time, kelp contains a component called sulfuric acid polysaccharide which can absorb the cholesterol in the blood vessels which is very beneficial to your weight loss.

Honey is recognized as the ideal food for nourishing and strengthening of the physical condition. Honey tastes sweet and is rich in vitamin B, vitamin D, vitamin E, fructose, glucose, high-quality protein, potassium, lactic acid,enzyme and a variety of other elements which have significant effect on purge promotion and detoxification. A glass of water with honey in the morning can help you both lose weight and improve your skin. What's more, you can also take some bee pollen pills to achieve better effects.

Cucumber tastes fresh and delicious. In addition to the thirst quenching and heat elimination function, the protein, carbohydrate, vitamin group, nicotinic acid, diacid, cucurbitacin,soft fine fiber and other components it contains have very good detoxification function. . The cucumber acid it contains can promote the body's metabolism and exert certain weight loss effect at the same time of dexification.

Oolong tea
Oolong tea ispopular because it has fat dissolving effect and help with reducing weight. The tannic acid is contains has close relations with fat metabolism. Experimental results have confirmed that oolong tea can indeed reduce cholesterol levels in the blood.Experiments show, drinking a liter of oolong tea every day help inhibit cholesterol rise. When food that you are having is too greasy, it is best to go with some oolong tea as it can only give you the feeling of fullness which can control your food intake in the stomach nut also remove the grease.

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