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Having red wine contributes to weight reduction

According to the report on "daily post" of England, the latest study in Spain has revealed that drinking a glass of wine can help prevent fat increase and even weight reduction.

Researchers of the university of Navarre find that through a lot of related research analysises found that excessive drinking increase the chances of obesity increases, moderate drinking can help one to lose weight. Moderate drinking will not increase the weight, conversely, it helps to keep or reduce weight. The new studies show that, in any healthy eating plan, there can increase a cup of red wine each day".

Doctor Finn Kerr of Boston university found that moderate alcohol consumption has protective effect on the blood vessels. It can reduces the risks of suffering from metabolic syndrome and diabetes associated with obesity. Some studies found that the obese who drink red wine moderately have lower risk of suffering from diabetes than the other obese people.

Researchers think that the heat provided by drinks will soon be absorbed by human body , so it will not stored in the form of fat. This metabolic process is completely different from that of the other food. Further researches will focus on the different effects that different alcohol exert on the weight integrating the factors such as drinking mode, individual drinking preferences and obesity history, etc. Currently there is no evidence that a small amount and moderate drinking can increase the risk of obesity. However, three years ago, a study shows that the antioxidant resveratrol in red wine has the effect of destroying fat cells. Animal studies also show that resveratrol has protective effect to the mice who have eaten food of high quantity of heat and effectively prevent obesity.

So, why not insist on drinking a glass of red wine on a daily basis and see what happens to you body?

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