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Why middle-aged women tend to be fat?

A, psychological factors
This refers to the carefree mentality that they have. After a woman gets married and gives birth to a baby, the living environment changes, thus the mood and mentality will change accordingly. Most of them live a happy life, have a relaxed state of mind state. As time passes,they will be not as strict as they were with how their body looks like. This is one of the important factors of obesity.

B, physiological factors
This refers to the body hormone secretion change. After giving birth to the children, the hormone secretion is not as strong, so the discharge capacity is poorer.

C, diet
Most of the housewives have one common problem is that they only have the time to eat after they have finished taking care of the babies. Usually it will be late for them to have meals and there will be little consumption of heat n the body. The fat they intake will not be digested w=so well so it accumulates in the body and contributes to the fat gain. Many also eat the food that their kids left unfinished, so unconsciously they eat more.

D, exercises
You can clearly see how exercises matter to you once you start to eat much and stop doing exercises. Everybody knows very well the needs of exercising. So, we don't have to talk how important it is right now.

E, long-term use of oral contraceptive
Most people don't expect this one. A doctor says that in the clinic, a lot of obese patients have used hormone drugs. No matter it is because of the illness that one needs to take hormone drugs or because of contraceptive needs, it can lead to obesity. Long-term use of hormone drugs willin some degree change your physique, slow the fat metabolism so the consumption become difficult. It is a kind of endocrine disorder performance. Typical symptoms are small hands, fat belly and facial edema.

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