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You are in a battle against yourself in weight loss

There once was a story about a fox that saw a vine of grapes hanging high from a tree. He wanted the grapes very badly, but they were just out of his reach, so he convinced himself that they wouldn't be so great anyway. Dieters are not very different from that fox. You say that you want nothing more than to get fit and healthy, but once you start doing it, and you get sick of it, you convince yourself that you don't really care about your weight anyway. You tell yourself that it is hopeless, and that it just doesn't matter. You would rather be able to eat what you like than be thin. Well, it is actually very being very cruel to oneself to resist all the foods that you like so much which can possibly add weight to your body.

Sometimes the more you are denied from these foods, oddly the more you want to have them. Watching them while not being able to have can really drive you mad. Very possibly, someday when you wake up in the morning or just when that sudden moment hit you that you decide to pamper yourself a little bit instead of being mean. Then you have one of those sudden binge during your weight loss process. And just after several times of pampering, your effort to resist the temptation of food turns out to be useless. Just for that one time, you have intake all the calories that you have avoided in the past several days. It is virtually impossible for you to reduce weight if you keep doing like this. That is why ten people are screaming losing weight yet only one of them succeed. Without good control over oneself, losing weight is simply off the table.

To avoid this pitfall, write yourself a commitment letter when you start a diet. It might sound silly, but it can help you to get centered on your goal when you want to stray from it. Write down the reasons that you want to go on this diet and change your lifestyle, and write down what you commit to doing to achieve your goals.Always remember that the greatest enemy you are facing in weight loss is actually yourself. Once you have controlled your mind, you can surely control your weight.


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