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12 kinds of slimming food

1, seaweed
Besides rich vitamin a, b1 and b2, the most important substances that laver contains is rich cellulose and minerals which can help discharge the wastes and excessive moisture inside the body, thus slimming your body.
2, dairy products
The best food for everyday diet. Studies of the United States points out that people who have dairy products three times a day have up to 70% less fat than those who don;t have dairies. The reason is that the reactions of the calcium in milk and other components can enhance the body's metabolism level and improve the body's fat burning speed.
3, oat
Not only it gives you the feeling of fullness and rich nutrition, but also it includes the fiber that can dissolve fat. It effectively helps to burn the fat in the body burning fat.
4, apple
The calorie that an apple contains is very low, but the calories you need to digest the apple actually exceeds the heat that an apple contains. You may need 75 calories to digest an apple which contains 50 calories of heat.
5, cabbage
Calcium is an very important substance as far as metabolism speed and fat burning rate is concerned. Cabbage contains rich calcium and vitamin C which can promote calcium absorption of . Those who have cabbage are more likely to be slimmer.
6, water
Water can improve the speed of our metabolism. If you drink 500 ml of water every day, the metabolic rate can be improved by30%. At the same time it will take away the body's toxins. You won't feel hungry because of water insufficiency.
7, chili and pepper
The capsaicin they contain can stimulate the body to release adrenaline, accelerate the body's metabolism level and at the same time can suppress the appetite. You won't feel hungry after having them so it is a good way to avoid overeating.
8, green tea
Three times of tea drinking per day can increase the body's metabolism rate by 4%.
9, Sea fish
Sea fish can reduce the amount of one kind of hormone that reduces the body metabolism speed. So it is best to have three times of sea fish a week.
10, banana
Although banana is high calories, but the fat it has is very low. It is rich in potassium. It is an ideal food for reducing weight as it can give you the feeling of fullness and at the same time decrease the fat accumulation in the body.
11, red bean
Red bean contains stone alkaline acid which can increase the intestine peristalsis, promote urination and avoid constipation.
12, papaya
Papaya has a unique protein decomposition enzyme which can remove fat accumulation due to too much meat intake. The pectin in it is an excellent colonics agent which can reduce waste accumulation in the lower body.

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