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Doing exercises with empty stomach helps lose weight fast

Different kinds of exercises will produce different effects on people's health condition. Some exercises do have the effect of losing weight, but if you think you can reduce your weight through any kind of exercise, it would be a mistake. Different movement method, different time and different strength will consume different quantities of calories.

If you go for moderately intense exercise, 35% of the heat consumption is from fat in 30 minutes; If you goes to forty minutes, then the heat consumption from your fat will rise up to 40% and above. Since then, with the extension of time, the consumption of fat becomes more and more. If you keep running for one hour, then there will be 48% heat consumption from your fat. The rest of the heat consumption will be from your food intake and others. But if you go for exercises with an empty stomach, then the consumption will mostly from your fat. So if you want to lose weight fast and effectively, it is suggested to go for jogging or running with your stomach empty in order to consume more fat in your body.

So, if you want to achieve the weight loss goal through exercise, you should not only to grasp the appropriate amount of exercise, but also do it at the right time. Or your efforts might be useless. However, If you go for running with the speed that you have in 5the 100 meters sprint, all the energy will comes from your protein and sugar, but not fat. So if you go for sprint, it doesn't really help with your fat burning. Or if you go for 20 minutes' exercise in the morning, your energy will also come from the sugar and protein, the same as sprint, it will not help you to lose weight. So knowing how to do the exercise when when to do is very important.

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