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Lack of sleep increases your weight

Experts say, when women lack of sleep, there will be an surge in the hormone called ghrelin which can promote a person's appetite; At the same time, there will be a decrease in "leptin" which is responsible for sending fullness signal to the brain. The decrease of leptin means that your cognition to fullness gets insensitive so it is easy to overeat without noticing. Lack of sleep can leads to the increase in fat storage.

When you enter the deep sleep, your brain will release a lot of growth hormone, the hormone will send signals to your body indicating decomposition of fat and release of energy. But if you absorb excessive calories, and at the same time, lack of deep sleep, then you lack of growth hormone to decompose the fat. So, the redundant fat froms in your hips, thighs, abdomen and other parts.

The average sleep time of women at the ages of 25 to 30 years old is only six hours and forty minutes, among which about 30% of women sleep less than 6 hours and they have 30% higher risk of being fat than the others. The experts' advice is, if you want to keep a slim body, it is a must to assure at least 7.5 hours' sleep.

In actuality, everybody has his own sleep length need, if the sleep time is less than this length, even if only for a one hour, it can lead to hormone disorders. But it doesn't mean that the more you sleep, the better slimming effects it has. You need to find your very own sleep length. You can try to increase or reduce your sleep length and see how you feel th next day. After a few times' trying, you will be able to find the time length that you need. It takes time but is still worth a try.

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