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Several myths on weight loss

A bite of the snacks doesn't make any difference?
No matter it is the candy that you get fro your colleagues or you just finish your children's French fries. On average every bite of the snacks has about 25 calories of heat. If you take one bite each day, then after a month, you will have 1 pound increase in your weight.  

The less the calorie intake, the better?
It is very crucial to reduce the calorie intake when you are losing weight , but if the calories intake becomes too low, your body will enter a state of hunger which will slow down your normal metabolism speed. When the metabolism becomes sloe, it means that your fat burning rate will become slow too. For each day, the minimum calorie intake is 1200.

Refusal to do planning in advance
If you want to insist to taking exercise, then it may be a good idea to write in a notepad the exercise time, and put your sports shoes in the car beforehand. Or, if you're going to eat dinner, and know that you will inevitably eat and drink more, then you should just skip your snacks for the day as sacrifice.

Repeating the same movement
Change the boring and dull way of living is the key to burning more calories and fat. Otherwise, your body will adapt to this kind of motonous exercise and becomes less conscious and you cannot receive as many benefits from the exercise as it has. So if one day you take a walk, and the next day you might as well vary a little, you can do some dance and aerobics instead. Just do not do the same exercise every day. Both your mind and body will get fed up with this. Varying your way of exercise makes it easier for you to keep it.
Emotional eating
Bad mood at the time, and did eat and drink
When the boundary between physical hunger and emotional hunger becomes fuzzy and difficult to distinguish, you may have hundreds of calories intake. So, before you eat, you might as well ask yourself again, am I really that hungry? Or I just feel depressed and need some food for comfort? Or I just simply want to eat some snacks? If you cannot make sure at this time, take some water fist , after 20 minutes see how you feel. If you still feel hungry, then you can take some food, but not too much. When the hunger has been quenched. You might have stopped one time's potential weight gain.

Take harmful slimming products
As to the surging needs of weight loss, there are various kinds of silmming products in the market which makes it really ahrd to make a choice. Many will go for the slogans and promises of speedy weight loss. However , you should consider the possible effect that it can bring to your body. What will happen if you have taken this product. Is it really that magical? In choosing the products, the most basic principle is to avoid the ones which can side effects however the effects they have. It is strongly recommended to take the natural slimming products.Take some Leptin green coffee as the coffee that you drink can effectively help you to lose weight almost unconsciously. The good thing is that no side effects will be induce. At the same time, keep good living and eating habits and foremost, have patience!

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