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What is the best time to do skipping?

What is the best time to do skipping?
Although skipping is strenuous, as long as you don't go for it immediately after eating, there should be no problem. The recommended time for skipping is 3 - 8pm. Skipping should be at least one hour away from your meals. Each time you go for skipping, keep it for 40 minutes.

Can skipping slim your chest, too?
While you are doing skipping, your chest keeps jumping ,too. So many think that skipping may make their chest smaller. It is actually not as such. The redundant adipose in the chest will disappear, making the pecs and musculus stronger and more elastic and your chest will become more uptight and plump. The shoulder and back dewlap can be also eliminated. But you should mind that you should wear the bra without steel rims to prevent bosom prolapse.

Will skipping cause turnip legs?
Long time of rope skipping will make your legs feel numb. If you stop the movement , you will feel the sourness welling up over you. Although you have stopped skipping, your calves are still in tension. motion, piling up in together ache feeling sprang, let you no time to pay attention to your body, many MM also want through the instinct to adjust the function body. But although stop rope skipping, but the calf or on high tight state. If the buffer function of the body is slow, it will take a little longer for the body to restore to its original state. As time goes by, there will appear turnip legs. So you should pay attention to tapping your calves every time you finish skipping to relax the muscles and avoid turnip legs.

Must you have skipping rope?
In fact, as long as you keep the same posture and keep jumping for forty minutes, you will receive the same effect.

Is skipping suitable for all?
Experts point out that people who are too fat should not do skipping, because when they are jumping, the weight will easily gather on the leg joint and cause too much pressure. This will result in injury. You can judge whether skipping is suitable for you, you can refer to he body mass index. (BMI) = weight (kg)/height (m) square. The normal index is 20 - 25 . If you have exceeded 30, the skipping might not be a good choice for you. You can choose walking, jogging,swimming and other aerobics and you can also achieve the weight loss goal.

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