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Spinach helps you to lose weight

We all know that spinach is nutritious as it conains much iron. We can prevent anemia due to iron deficiency if we have spinach often. It is one of commonly seen vegetables in the market. Experts say spinach can also help us to reduce weight and make us slim.

Feeling of fullness - having spinach before meals can give you a feeling of fullness in the stomach.Consequently, you will eat less in the meals.

Rich fiber - spinach contains rich nemaline which is very beneficial to bowel peristalsis. It helps avoid constipation.

Rich nutrition - 250 grams of spinach contains 10.2 grams of protein ,11.6 mg of iron , 438.6 mg of calcium, 32.3 mg of vitamin C, 7.9 grams and zero fat. It is the most nutritious vegetable. It not only help you to maintain great strength, it can also slow down the fat digestion. You won't feel hungry for long so your food intake has been reduced. The potassium that spinach contains can promote urination.

spinach dishes:
Breakfast: 1 cup of warm water, spinach, 1 boiled egg, 1 piece of oat bread.
Lunch: 1 cup of warm water, spinach salad, 1 bowl of rice, peeling chicken with rice, green vegetables.
Dinner: glass noodles with spinach.
Water: 8 cups every day.
Snacks:sugar-free soya-bean milk, apple, kiwi fruit.
Dieticians: if you want to see more weight reduction effect, you can repeat doing the same practice so that the weight won't rebound.

Soup of dried mushroom and spinach
Ingredients: black mushroom, spinach, ginger, broth, sugar and salt.
Cooking duration: 30 minutes.
Soak the dried mushrooms in the water until they get soft and cut them into pieces. Pour soe oil in the pot with ginger sections, put in the mushrooms and broth, cook for 15 more minutes. Put in the spinach and salt.
Dried black mushroom has very good fat eliminating effect. In addition, don't discard the root of the spinach as much nutrition is in it.
spinach with prawns
1, wash the spinach clean, boil it for a short while and then put it out, drain the water, and roll it into rolls.
2, boil the shrimps and put them onto the top of the spinach
3, finally pour the right amount of mustard pumpkin juice on the top.

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