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Vegetable diet

For those who live in the cities and are busy working every day. Weight loss through controlling their diet is a good way to go. But as to what to eat, we will give you some suggestions here today in this article.

Make some green vegetables salad will refresh you in the morning and the plus is that it is rich in nutrition. It is also good to go with a bowl of porridge. The ingredients you need include are: green vegetables, cucumber, onion garlic, chili sauce, apple cider vinegar, salt and sugar.
Wash the green vegetables and cucumber clean, cut the green vegetables and cucumber into proper pieces. And then put them together into the container, put some shredded green onion and garlic on the top and stir a little bit. Then here you are, the delicious and healthy low-carb breakfast.

Vegetables with garlic can help discharge the toxins inside the body and contribute to weight loss. Preparing yourself a dish of vegetables and a little pork with garlic at noon with a bowl of coarse grain or rice can help supplement the nutrition you need for the day, make you have a felling of fullness in your stomach, and effectively control the calories intake.
Ingredients: green vegetables, shredded pork, garlic and salt.

Many who want to keep slim often have a hard time deciding on what to have for supper for fear of gaining weight. A bowl of vegetable porridge may be a good choice for you. It is nutritious, delicious, low in calories, helpful to increase fullness, which is very conducive to your weight maintaining or weight loss. The ingredients you need are: green vegetables, rice, chicken and salt.

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