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Secrets you should know about weight loss

Why do you tend to get fatter in winter?
1. Temperature drops, the body feels cold.
2. Capillary contraction makes the blood circulation get slower.
3. The metabolism rate gets alower, it is very cold outside and you don't feel like moving. In order to get more heat, they body will send out the signal of eating. Plus it is the end of the year and there will be a lot of parties, it is inevitable that you more.
4. It gets harder for the fat to burn.
5. The temperature get low, so the metabolism rate slows down, too. You eat more and exercise less. The intake is way greater than consumption, so your body gets fatter.

Weight loss principle in winter
1. Improve the body temperature, promote the blood circulation

As the outside temperature is much lower than the body temperature, the metabolism rate starts to drop. The most fundamental way is to promote the blood circulation. We can increase the body temperature by taking hot baths, drinking water tea or having more warm food like hot soup. Ginger tea is very beneficial at this time as it helps discharge the coldness outside your body. In addition, chili peppers are also very good as they contain capsaicin which can improve the coldness and promote energy metabolism.

2. Move your body as much as possible
Don't let cold weather hinder your weight loss process. No matter how you improve your diet, if you don't move, your metabolism cannot be improved effectively. Take a stroll somewhere near your house or if you really don't wish to go out, do some stretch exercises in the house.

3. Chew for a longer time when you are eating
Chewing for a longer time helps you to slow down the eating speed, promote digestion and absorption, fully stimulate the abdomen center and prevent overeating. In addition, chewing can exercise the facial muscles, so it has good effect of face slimming.

4. Maintain good posture
Good posture will directly effect on your body. When you sit or walk with a wrong posture, your bones will be warped and the muscles will be out of balance. At this time, fat will become rampant in your body.

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