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Taboos on eating mango

Although the nutritional value of mango is very high, but it is unfavorable to eat too much. Eating two-thirds of a medium-sized mango has already reached the recommended daily intake. Mango contains stimulus ingredients so when you have left some juice on your mouth or face, you will be likely to have allergic reactions such as redness and inflammation. If it is serious , there can appear serious ocular redness and pain. So after eating, you should timely clean off residue on the skin around the mouth in case of allergic reactions.

1, It is not favorable to have mango after you are with your stomach full after dinner. It cannot be taken with spicy food like garlic, otherwise it may cause yellowing disease.

2, As mango contains much, diabetics patients should not have much or not have it at all. Those who suffer from skin disease or cancer should also avoid having it.

3, Those who are invaded by coldness and cough (sore throat and phlegm) should avoid eating in case of throat itching. Asthma should follow the doctor's advice before eating.

4, Mango leaf and mango juice can cause dermatitis on those with allergic constitution. So people with allergic constitution should be pay special attention.

5, Eating too many mangoes can cause allergies. If it is serious, it may damage the kidney.

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