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Tips for wearing shoes

1, keep good ventilation and sweat absorption of shoes
The material of shoes is very important, if it is chemical fiber or inferior rubber shoes, under the high temperature, it will be like plasticine attaching firmly to your feet and hinder adsorption of sweat and ventilation.
2, Wear loose and comfortable shoes
Pointed shoes will make your toes closely stick together and the toes can't ventilate well. It can easily cause beriberi.

3, The heels should not be too high
In order to maintain stability, high heels will be with very tight in the shoe head. When you wear them , the toes will be squeezed together and cause fungi breeding.

4, wash the shoes timely and frequently
When you have worn a pair of shoes for some time, the sweat will be left in the shoes and form a favorable environment for fungi. In order to prevent infection, you should wash the shoes often.

5, timely change the soles and lining cloth: check the inside of the shoe lining and soles to see if they wear or tear. IF they have been worn, note to change them timely.

6, Don't wear someone else's shoes and socks or use someone else's towel as fungi are often transmitted through this way.

In summer, try as much as possible not to wear rubber boots, cloth shoes or leather sandals; Footwear which has been worn by should go throguh boiling water or expose to the sun.

Warm prompt: don't share the towels, shoes and socks, basins with people with fungal infection disease in order to avoid athlete's feet.

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