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Revealing the golden time for weight loss

Recently, the "Daily Post" of UK has reported a study which has proved that lunch time exerts the most effect on weight loss.

Researchers of Us Brigham Women's Hospital and the University of Murcia in Spain have chose 420 overweight people to accept for a period of 20 weeks treatment plan for weight loss. A group of participants have lunch before 3 PM in the afternoon and the other group of participants after 3 o 'clock in the afternoon . Results show: those who have lunch after 3 PM for lunch people reduce obviously less weight than people who eat lunch earlier. Their insulin sensitivity is lower and are more likely to develop diabetes.

After considering the traditional factors that affect weight loss (such as the total energy intake and consumption, leptin, ghrelin levels and sleep duration), scholars found that dining time arrangement is an important and independent factor that affect successful weight loss. Due to the lifestyle and eating habits changes during some vacations, the gastrointestinal tract is always the first part to suffer. Irregular eating habits often leads to extra gastrointestinal burden, causing indigestion, abdominal distension, diarrhea and other problems. Even if there is no obvious gastrointestinal discomfort, anorexia also makes people depressed. Before going to work, you might as well adjust the diet to clean up the intestines and stomach. Take less fat, sugar, salt and eat more fruits and vegetables to give a rest to your overburdened intestines and stomach.

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