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Wrong ways of losing weight make you even fatter

Skipping breakfast
Skipping breakfast seems reduce calorie intake, but in fact it will keep the fat. Remember, those who have breakfast regularly can consume more calories than those who don't. You need breakfast which contain proteins every day to start your metabolism. It can give continuously provide energy and fiber so as to keep you full for hours.

Eating too much healthy but high-calorie food
Walnuts, almonds, avocado, whole wheat pasta, olive oil, etc are all natural and healthy food, but they are not of low quantity of heat. Eating much of them will also make you fat. For example, avocado offers a wide range of health benefits, but one avocado contains more than 200 calories.

Not drinking enough water
Research shows that drinking water regularly helps keep moisture in the body and lose weight. Drinking water before dinner helps to control appetite. Eating some food with plenty of water, such as fruits and vegetables can also supplement moisture fast and control the food intake.

Not eating enough
Don't try to consume the calories by starving yourself. This will not only disturb your metabolism, but also make you eat more.

Having carbonated drinks
Drinking carbonated drinks will only ruin your weight loss goals - even if you only drink diet drinks. Research has shown that people who drink 2 cans of sugar-free carbonated drinks every day have bigger waistline those who don't.

Exercising with an empty stomach
When people exercise in the fasting state, the heat consumed is from the muscle rather than fat. So it is better to eat something before you do exercises.

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