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A hot shower kills your fatigue

After a day's tiring work, many go home and hit the bed. But you might as well take a hot bath before that to refresh yourself.

After you get up in the morning, it is best to take a shower. This helps awaken your mind and body and let you devote yourself into the work and study. If you feel tired in the evening, you can take a hot shower 1 ~ 2 hours before sleeping. It can accelerate the blood circulation, improve metabolism of the body and make you full of energy. If is the fatigue after exercise, you should wait till half an hour to an hour after exercise. Otherwise, it will accelerate the heart rate, cause short supply of blood to the heart and brain. In serious case, it can even cause collapse.

In general, the body temperature is 40 ℃. So taking a bath with the water of 40 ℃ has the best effect in eliminating fatigue. If the water temperature is too high, you will consume more calories, which can make people more uncomfortable; If the water temperature is too low, it will cause vasoconstriction which is not favorable to eliminate fatigue. In the dog days, you can appropriately lower the water temperature to no less than 35 ℃.

Each time it is best to last for 15 minutes. If the duration is too long, one will feel groggy. Fatigue is related to the lactic acid concentration in the blood. Research has shown that after strenuous exercise, taking a shower for five minutes makes no difference in the blood lactate concentration. If for ten minutes, the lactic acid concentration will decrease by 7 ~ 8 mg; but if for 30 ~ 60 minutes, lactic acid concentration will be the same as before the shower. For general workers or minor workers, taking a shower for 15 minutes, the lactic acid concentration in the body can return to normal level, otherwise if the time is long, itr will consume energy and fatigue will come back.

Don't forget to rub face when taking a bath. Many facial expression muscle and facial nerves are distributed here. Hot water can stimulate the nerves, accelerate the blood circulation and relax the muscles. In addition, kneading abdomen, deep breathing can also boost your energy. Kneading the abdomen with the palm clockwise while inhaling and then exhaling at the same time can promote gastric juice secretion, alleviate poor appetite caused by fatigue.

What you need to remind is that some wrong acts in shower can make you more tired. Scrubbing too hard for example, will consume a large amount of energy; Keeping the doors and windows closed is easy to cause the oxygen; bathing after drinking can make the blood sugar in short supply, leading to dizziness, vertigo, general weakness and even coma; Too many baths in a day can be adverse to the skin. Even in hot summer, it is not favorable to take a shower more than twice a day.

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