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Anti-aging, get started from your feet

For the elderly, practice the following actions often can strengthen their legs, improve balance, enhance physical fitness, prevent premature aging and benefit the overall health

Standing on the toes to relieve fatigue. In traditional Chinese medicine health qigong, there is exercise requiring standing on the toes. You can stand with your feet together, try to stand with your toes for a while and then relax, and then repeat this action. Keep doing this for ten times a day. It is very convenient to do it as you will not be limited by space, time and equipments. 5 ~ 10 minutes each time can effectively relieve fatigue.

Rubbing the feet

After you wake up every morning, try to rub your feet against each other. Particular way is to use both feet rub each other. You can also use your hands for help. Use your right hand to rub the left foot and the left hand the right foot. The important part is to stimulate Yongquan acupuncture point. This point situates at the underlying area of the front bottom of the foot. It is the primary point in twelve meridians. Massaging yongquan acupuncture point often every day can strengthen the disease prevention ability of the elderly.

Fling the legs to prevent cramps. Some old people are likely to get cramps due to calcium deficiency. For them , they might as well put the hands against a tree or the wall and fling the legs forward. Let the tiptoe face up and go forward and then fling is with some strength. Keep the legs and feet straight. Alternate the two legs in doing this. Each time, fling 80 to 100 times. You should not that the frequency should not be too high. This movement can help prevent leg cramps hemiplegia lower limb atrophy and some other symptoms.

Kneading the calves

Kneading the calves can stimulate the meridians associated with your stomach and spleen. SO if you have spleen and stomach disorders, massaging the calves can be very conducive.

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